Matching a serum with an anti-aging cream could be a child’s play if you use DIY cosmetics. Our phones are full of social proposals to buy them comfortably from the sofa. Cosmeceuticals, however, are powerful formulas and should be adjusted according to the skin condition, genetics and desired results. You should not improvise or rely on an algorithm.

“That’s why, in MyCli, we constantly invest in the training of thousands of specialists of the best Italian pharmacies – our brand partners. We upskill them to project cosmeceutical protocols choosing the ideal “match” for everyone’s skin type, in that specific moment and following people’s personal habits and desires.”, says Dr. Giorgia Berutti, brand development coordinator in Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria.

“In MyCli we have a range of formulas capable to draw the future of each face, following a tailored approach. If the protocol is correct, results will be visible in a few weeks or even in a few days.”, explains Paola Sperati, Brand Developer in Piedmont and Liguria.

Her Venetian colleague, Valentina Maman, adds: “In MyCli range there are more than 16 “serum-cream” matches for day or night that aim at different actions – filler, antioxidant, renovator, anti-gravity – formulated to stimulate and protect specific cutaneous cells.”.

“Side effects? They could occur if products are not chosen correclty or if the customer exaggerates in their use. Skin types lead us, while the person’s cosmetic style traces boundaries.”, affirm Loredana Palmese and Maria Tripodi, Skin Consultant in Lazio, with more than 20 years of consultation experience. We can trust them..

In November, book your free professional consultation in MyCli partner pharmacies and receive a free Discovery Size of Alfacall Renewing Starter Cleanser on a purchase of a serum and a cream.